The Basics

Website Design – $350

   Custom Design
   Single Page Layout
   Video Embedding
   Audio Embedding
   Contact Form

A Single Page website (aka One Page website) consists of only a single HTML or dynamically generated page, and navigating to different sections of the site — which would normally take a user to a new page — just scrolls down the one page to that particular content’s section. For websites that are tightly focused on a single topic and don’t have a ton of content, a Single Page website can work nicely. However if you have a lot of content to express or have diverse and unrelated content then you should choose traditional multi-page layout such as “A Little This, A Little That” or “The Best of Both Worlds” designs.


A Little This, A Little That

Website Design – $550

   Custom Design
   Up to 4 Pages
   Video Embedding
   Audio Embedding
   Social Media Links
   Contact Form

Multi-Page Websites allow you make a larger statement about you or your business. Obviously you’ll have a home page, which tells the market what you are about, but then you’ll want to add some extra pages, up to 4 in total. Some example pages are:

   About us – details of what you do or biography
   Product Pages – details of your products
   Contact information – including a form that visitors can fill in, representation & map
   Our Company – about the people in your business
   Links – to build up reciprocal links to improve your search engine ratings, or just tell visitors about other sites
   Find Us – to help visitors get to you, with directions, parking information & map
   Photo Gallery or Portfolio – to display examples of your work or publicity materials such as headshots
   Videos/Audio Clips – perfect place to show off your product videos, demo reels & movie trailers
   Social Media Links – pick your poison! Add links to whatever social sites you frequent.

The Best of Both WorldsBestSLIDEshort

Website Design – $750

   Custom Design
   Up to 7 Pages
   Video Embedding
   Audio Embedding
   Social Media Links
   Photo Gallery or Portfolio
   Contact Form
   Blog or Newsfeed

Have more things to say than 4 pages can cover? With “The Best of Both Worlds” Designs you get all of the goodies available to “A Little This, A Little That” designs with the added benefit of additional pages and the option of hosting a blog or a newsfeed.

Why do YOU need a blog?

It’s a marketing tool - Having a website is half the battle toward creating an online presence that will generate more revenue for your company. Just telling your customers what you do, is not enough. They need assurance of the effectiveness of the services you are providing. The best way is to describe each product in a professional way that catches their eye. A blog in this case comes in Handy. It gives you an opportunity to talk about your products in details, convince the customers and actually update whenever there is a change in the direction of its sale.

Being interactive - Nowadays, consumers and audiences are seeking more intimate relationships with their online interactions and the online companies they purchase from and build trust and credibility along the way. A blog allows consumers to see the most updated and fresh information available such as:

   Upcoming Events
   Relevant Articles
   Product Releases
   Testimonials from Recent Consumers

The WorksWorksSLIDE

Website Design – starting at $1500

   Custom Design
   Up to 10 Pages
   Video Embedding
   Audio Embedding
   Social Media Links
   Multiple Photo Galleries/Portfolios
   Contact Form
   Blog or Newsfeed
   E-commerce Shop
   Additional Pages +$50

ARE 7 PAGES SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH?!?  Then The Works Web Design is what you need! In addition to all of the benefits of “The Best of Both Worlds” Web Design, “The Works” includes the ability to host multiple photo galleries or portfolios, which is great for visually based professionals and businesses, and the addition of hosting a shop with e-commerce built right into your design! This is the only design that lets you sell your goods right from your own website.

You may either choose a Maintenance Program to partner with your website design or A La Carte Maintenance. Our two Maintenance Programs offer you the opportunity to make minor changes at any time you like without worrying about how much each change will cost you.

Basic Maintenance ProgramBasicMaintenanceSLIDEshort

Website Maintenance - $10/month or $100/year

   Maintenance with Minor Changes
   Partners with ‘The Basics’ Web Design
   Sign Up for 1 Year and get 2 Months FREE!

*Does not include blog updates

Full Maintenance Program MaintenanceSLIDEshort

Website Maintenance - $15/month or $150/year

   Maintenance with Minor Changes
   Multiple Blog Updates included
   Partners with ‘The Works’, ‘Best of’ & ‘A Little This’ Web Designs
   Sign Up for 1 Year and get 2 Months FREE!

*Only Maintenance Program that includes multiple blog updates every month!

A La Carte MaintenanceMaintenanceSLIDEshort

Website Maintenance – $40/hour

   Blog Updates
  Change of Color
  Change of Fonts
   Layout Shifting

  Social Media

*Major changes, such as selecting a completely new template design, will result in additional web design fees

Seamless Social Media Profile IntegrationSeamless Social Media

Website Design – $50/3 profiles

Why Do Social Media Profiles Matter? – As we spend more and more time combing through status updates and watching clips of cats playing patty-cake, social media can be almost as important as a website when trying to reach your desired audience.

Consider your social media profiles (such as twitter, facebook, youtube, etc.) as an extension to your personal or business website branding. The last thing you want is for your audience to experience a disjointed web presence which can lead to confusion and distrust in your brand’s desired message.

The simplest way to combat a mixed web image is to carry your new website’s design through to your social media profiles with complimentary graphics and colors. Let Big Red help make your new image seamless!

Pick any 3 Platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc.) and Big Red will design complimentary graphics, including cover photos and profile photos, to match your new website design.

Custom Logos & Graphic DesignCustom Graphic Design

Graphic Design – please inquire for a custom quote

Why Create a Custom Logo? – First impressions are important. In a world where most consumers have a variety of potential businesses to choose from to meet their needs, the initial interaction with a brand often is the most influential. Much like a sales pitch or a handshake, it strikes users at their most responsive and sensitive point in the consideration process. It’s reasons like this that businesses invest time and money into making a strong and memorable first impression – this begins with the logo.

A logo is a simple and artistic way to communicate your brand’s values and principles. A strong logo is clean, unique, memorable and accurately represents what your business stands for.

Movie PostersCustom Graphic Design

Graphic Design – starting at $100

Need a Poster for your Latest Project? – Help your project look as professional as you are! Every film needs a movie poster. Whether you have photography to use or need custom graphics, Big Red can give you a custom, one of a kind poster for your every use. Complete with credit lines & production logos.


How soon will I see my site?

Depending on Big Red’s current workload, please allow a minimum of two weeks turnaround from receipt of payment and source files (graphics and text) until your website goes live. Custom logos and/or graphics will naturally increase the processing time.

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