Video & Audio Embedding

Why does Big Red recommend hosting with Youtube and Vimeo?

Using a free video service such as YouTube or Vimeo is as simple as creating an account, uploading videos to it, and then embedding the videos in your website where you want them.

Green Dot10x10   It’s really, really easy: just upload and create a description
Green Dot10x10   The service eats the bandwidth costs meaning it’s cheaper to host your website
Green Dot10x10   You may have noticed that YouTube videos often appear in Google’s Universal search results. This also drives traffic back to your website. Basically, your profile on a video service is another form of social media and serves as a portal or gateway to send traffic back to your website.
Green Dot10x10   Videos on YouTube and Vimeo keep track of views. If you have a separately hosted video on your views will be split and look lower on each.

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