Top 10 Tips for Blogging

By Havalah Gholdston | |

BRWDblogBlogging is a great tool for writing, sharing news and photos or art and just generally reaching out to the nameless ranks of people combing the internet every day in search of news and entertainment.  The hard part for bloggers seems to be:

10. Consistency - Your readers and search engines love consistency. If you post three times a week, every week, this is considered the bare minimum for attracting and maintaining a readership. There is such a thing as too much blogging, though. Posting once a day is considered normal, meaning you’re not living in a dark cave staring at the glowing rectangle all day every day. But every post you make is a new page to be indexed by the search engines, so after one year you will have more than 300 pages in the web with your name on it!

9. Originality - With the ever-growing legions of bloggers out there, internet devotees are always on the lookout for the next great, original blog concept. One blogger might be devoted to showcasing photos of the rooftops of St. Petersburg. Many blogs are devoted to fashion and celebrity gossip, but there aren’t that many documenting people dressed in the gothic style during the hot days of summer.

8. Personality - Whether you create a web persona for the purpose of blogging or you plan to put your real self out there, personality is essential to a good blog read. This gift comes naturally to some bloggers and not at all to others. Whichever you are, your writings will reveal this personality to the world. A lot of bloggers give up fast when they receive negative feedback that is taken personally, but keep in mind that all writing media is subjected to waves of rejection. Don’t give up – there are mean, anonymous people out there surfing the web leaving rude, baseless comments, but there are also plenty more people with constructive comments to offer.

7. Brevity - Be brief in your blog posts. Break up text with cuts, subheadings, bullet lists, photos – people reading on the web tend to scan for anything that slows down or catches their eye. If you want to keep your readers reading, be succinct!

6. Diversity -Multi-media is almost a must these days. Text, video, photo, audio – use all of it in your blog to create well-written posts that are augmented with images or other media. As long as you’re on the way to becoming a blog superstar, might as well go for those YouTube views as well. Uploading your video to YouTube is a great example of how to drive traffic back to your site, as well.

5. Social Networking - Use Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, whatever your social network of choice is to drive traffic to your blog, alert your friends you have a new post.

4. Collaboration -Use online relationships to collaborate on blog posts and expand your readership – encourage comments, comment on other people’s blogs, link freely and share traffic.

3. Promotion - Commenting on other blogs and getting your blog noticed joins up with social networking here. If you are promoting a product on your blog pay attention to other bloggers promoting a similar product. Use your best judgment to decide what works and what doesn’t. But please, no spamming – it is discourteous, not cool, other users will not take kindly and search engines will penalize you (remove your pages from the index).

2. Other Media - Why limit yourself to just a blog? Podcasts are a great example of new media working with blogs to make them even more up-to-date and interesting – your readers will enjoy hearing your actual voice and it will heighten their reading of your content in the future.

1. Fun - The most important part of blogging is having fun and loving your blog. If you choose to blog about something you have a passion for that will come through across the vast and nebulous internet. Additionally, the blog will be sustainable for you because you care about it.

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